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AXIS Ministries is the center around which various Ministries work together. We offer the following insights and information about those currently hosted here.

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Many may find it uncomfortable, or even disrespectful, that we here at AXIS Ministries more often than not refer to God as "Papa". This stems from years of being indoctrinated that God is distant. That He is some angry Father figure in the sky just waiting for us to mess up so He can punish us. But, when you come to the realization of the fact that He is the Most Loving Father in the story of the prodigal you begin to glimpse a picture of His true nature. Yes, He wants us to do what is right and live correctly but it is His Kindness and Love than leads us to repentance (that change of mind that turns us from sin and toward Him). In that manner we have come to know His warm loving strong arms that do not push away when we do wrong but with loving corrective acceptance pulls us close to Him and holds us close as we like Jesus cry out "Abba.....Daddy....Papa". 

Here's a wonderful explanation about Abba.

“Papa God”
by Mark Herringshaw
We call it “The Lord’s Prayer.”  Actually, it is our prayer, taught to us by Jesus: a beautiful template to guide our conversation with our Creator. 

Jesus begins with the two most radical words in human history: “Our Father.”  He’s revolutionary for two reasons: First, Jesus says “our” including each of us in his invitation to address God as our kin. Secondly, he invites us to call God “Father” or, as he likely would have said in Aramaic, his original language, “Abba.” On several occasions (Mark 14:36) Jesus prayed using the word “Abba,” the word little Hebrew children used for “Daddy” or “Papa.” Bible translators seem too skittish to translate it literally, so they resort to a formal “Father.”


But Jesus is anything but formal. He says we must come to God as the tiny helpless children we are, or we cannot come at all.  


For some of us such intimacy with God seems irreverent and presumptive. It’s not easy to pray with the words, “Our Papa…” But Jesus insists this attitude is a precondition for genuine prayer. 


For others – those of us who have had a difficult relationship with our earthly fathers – the idea of God as “Father” becomes an emotional barrier rather than an invitation.

But Jesus never wavers. He insists that God is the Father, the foundation upon which all fatherhood is based. Even if we’ve struggled with our own fathers, his invitation stands: Come to God and allow him to be everything a father is supposed to be:

– The source of our life (John 3:3)

– Supplier of all we need (Matthew 6:31-33)

– The one who rightly disciplines us (Hebrews 12:5-11)

– The one who grants us an inheritance (Romans 8:15-17)

– The one who gives us abounding affection (I John 3:1, Luke 15:20-24)


Awkward as this may seem, we are summoned by Jesus to pray, “Our Papa/ Daddy in heaven…” and to see him as the fulfillment of our true need for a true father.  In fact, only a relationship with Papa can heal us from the hurts and disappointments we’ve had from our own earthly fathers.

It is this understanding of our Papa  that caused us to call our Worship Center:

Papa's Place

A place of Salvation, Healing and Deliverance

A place of Refuge, Rest and Restoration

A place you can connect and call Home.

Sunday's 11 am and Wednesday's 6 pm



A Healing Room?!?!?!?

A Healing Room, simply put, is merely a place set aside where people can come for Physical or Inner Healing Prayer from a team of Prayer Ministers specifically trained on how to pray with you to receive healing in Spirit Body or Soul (Strong Concordance 4982: Sozo...saved, healed, delivered).

Located in the Basement of AXIS Ministries here in Salem KY our Healing Room, like all Healing Rooms, welcome people from all backgrounds and faith traditions to receive Healing through the Power of Jesus. 

Our purpose is a simple one. We bring together people from many different Christian backgrounds and experiences to come in unity to pray for the sick with compassion and faith in Jesus Christ and His power to heal. Each time God touches someone and they are better or healed, we are reminded that His Word is true. Indeed He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8.

Hope Healing and Prayer Room is a Christ-centered ministry of people that are part of our Leadership Team and are trained as Prayer Ministers. We  come together in unity to pray for those in need of healing in body or soul with compassion and faith in Jesus Christ and His power to heal.

We were birthed from a vision of a group of people who fell in love with "being Jesus" to those in need. Many of our Senior Team were trained under Rush and Barbie Hunt at Main Street Prayer Center/Healing Rooms of Hopkins County in Madisonville, KY who are under IAHR.

What is IAHR?
International Association of Healing Rooms headquartered in Spokane, Washington – a ministry begun in 1999 by Reverend Cal Pierce. IAHR provides the apostolic covering for all Healing Rooms  who choose to be in the association. While Hope Healing and Prayer Room is not in the association we do follow the same mandate, as some on our Senior Team serve in that association.

History of Healing Rooms
The John G. Lake Healing Rooms originally started in 1914 when Dr. Lake began teaching on the subject of Divine Healing in a local church in Spokane, Wash. Dr. Lake rented a group of rooms in the Rookery Building that he converted into "Lake's Healing Rooms". He began to pray for the sick on a daily basis and many came. He had to train others to help. They were trained through "a series of lectures" on divine healing designed on faith and knowledge. They were trained daily by both teaching and hands-on practical application by using God's word. Today there are Healing Rooms around the world.

What Happens in a Healing Room?
Hope Healing and Prayer Room is one that offers both Physical and Inner Healing/Deliverance Prayer according to your need.


When you arrive, park across the street from the Ministry Center, near the Salem Fire Department. Enter by the side basement door into the basement of  the Ministry Center. (There will be intercessors upstairs in the Worship Area of the Ministry Center praying. If you happen to enter by the front doors, one of them will direct you to the Basement entrance from upstairs or the outside direct entrance)

Once you arrive you will be greeted by one of the staff who serve as our Office Manager.


While you enjoy some refreshments in our reception area, the Office Manager will have you fill out some completely confidential forms (unless you have done so online and submitted to us) so that the prayer team will know what prompted your visit. Once the forms are filled out you will be allowed to "soak" in the presence of The Lord enjoying some worship music as the prayer team assigned to your case prepares by listening to Holy Spirit regarding your needs.

When the Team is ready one member will come and accompany you to the Healing Room where the others will meet you.

A team of at least three caring, trained volunteers, will pray with you for your specific need. Those praying for you are ordinary people who will be the first to tell you they have no special powers, but they do have a heart of love and a strong faith in God. Simply stated, they are acting as a conduit of God's love when they pray for you. No, they ARE NOT PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS OR DIVINERS!!! Those are the counterfeits of the enemy that he used to corrupt the true gifts and callings of God.

The 20-30 minute prayer sessions (for physical healing) and 45 minute prayer sessions (for inner healing/deliverance) are held in the privacy of the prayer room. All sessions are confidential (subject to mandated reporting laws). Walk In's are welcome, but those with scheduled appointments are met with at their scheduled time and you may have to wait. Dress is casual. 

No fees are charged but donations are gladly accepted to help cover the costs of the ministry. All checks should be made out to AXIS Ministries.

Bible Lessons

axis christian counseling

AXIS Christian Counseling is a Ministry overseen and lead by Senior Pastor Christina Dickerson. Pastor Christina holds a certificate in Pastoral Counseling and sessions are available by appointment to deal with all life effecting issues. Message us to contact Pastor Christina and schedule an appointment.




Joseph and Carolyn Dutton Ministries is headquartered in Cave in Rock, IL. Their goal is to see the RIVER of God flow into lives through Preaching, Teaching, Worship and Healing changing the world one soul at a time. Check them out on Facebook!



Contact us for opportunities to apply to be a community volunteer with AXIS Ministries. Know someone who has to do community service??? We can help with that!!!


I had been going through a rough season in my life. I was at a crossroads where I had to make a decision and make it quick! As I talked to PJ (Ministry Team Member) about some things that I was going through in my life, she had mentioned the Healing Room. When she was describing what all they done in the Healing Room, I knew it was something that I had to do. When I came to Axis on a Wednesday night, I remember how dry, numb, hurt, and overwhelmed I felt!!! They let me talk about some of the things that I was going through and each one of them told me what the Lord had showed them. As they began to pray for me, I remember just crying and was so excited to feel the Lord’s presence in the room!! They all prayed over me and all of a sudden I felt this peace come over me that I can’t explain!! I didn’t have one thought in my head. I didn’t feel anything but peace!! For some people that may not mean a lot, but for me when my mind was in constant overdrive… It felt great to not have a thought and just sit in His peace. I will definitely be back! Thank y’all for all your prayers and love that y’all always show!!

—  Jennifer

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