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Who we are/What we Believe

Axis Ministries - The Place Where You Co

Why The Name AXIS Ministries?

The Place Where You Connect

AXIS Ministries is the next generation of Ministry that was began in our current location in 2014. The Ministry was gifted to the former Salem Full Gospel Church and began the mission of being a forerunner in this area. We honor and appreciate the fact that some planted, others watered, but we are now seeing that God is giving the increase. 

An Axis is defined as:

*a line about which a body rotates.
*a straight line passing through the center of something, about which that something can be conceived as revolving around thereby creating more from that center. 
*a fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates or points.
*a straight central part in a structure to which other parts are connected; the central column of growth.
*an agreement or alliance between two or more parties that forms a center for an eventual larger grouping.


In light of these explanations of what an axis is, AXIS Ministries is best defined as the Center Point around which other Ministries flow into and from. If you will notice in our logo the center point is the Cross. It is the centrality of the message of the Cross, that Jesus is our Axis of Access, to all that the Kingdom of God has for us.

From the place of centrality, several ministries flow into and from AXIS Ministries, these being as of August 2019:

Papa's Place (the name of our Worship Center)

Hope Healing and Prayer Room

AXIS Christian Counseling Center

RIVER Ministries KY Stream

These Ministries are just the starting expression of all the Papa God has called us to here at AXIS Ministries. We want you to stay in touch with us as new and exciting expressions are in the works.

AXIS Ministries...The Place Where You Connect! 

Meet The Team


Senior Pastors

Michael & Christina Dickerson

Michael and Christina come from Salem and bring years of Ministry and Ministerial leadership. God has raised them up over the years training them in the various places they have served to fulfill the Pastoral Mandate on their lives for such a time as this. They lead from Papa's heart and serve to Shepherd those birthed in or connecting with AXIS Ministries. The Apostolic Pastoral role they lead from is one that they consider a Pearl of Great Price entrusted to them by Papa God and they stand firm in being protective vanguards of the Faith, Teams, Ministries and people of AXIS Ministries. 


Apostolic Counsil / Elders

Joseph & Carolyn Dutton

Joseph and Carolyn come to us from Cave in Rock, IL and bring years of founding and leading Ministries that are now regional and national. With an Apostolic Office call on their lives they serve as Elders in and Apostolic Cover for AXIS Ministries. Their passion as Apostles is to not only birth, found and plant visions but to develop fully mature sons and daughters. Carrying within them the Love and Heart of the Father they desire to see lives and the regions in their sphere of influence be transformed into the Kingdom.

Maurice & Deanie Dickerson


Maurice and Deanie come from Burna, KY and bring with them years of wisdom gained from their obedience to Papa God as faithful leaders in Ministries around the region. Walking in a prophetic parental call they serve to provide guidance to those birthed in or connecting with AXIS Ministries calling forth the destiny of others with loving but no nonsense truthful direction.  

Image by Henry Lai

Cindy Quertermous


Cindy comes to us from Salem KY and serves as a coordinator of hospitality and Facility management. While excellent in those roles Cindy brings to the team and prayer meetings her prophetic voice and ability to expound upon and share the Rhema and Logos word of God and is skilled in leading in worship with flags. 

Sarah Dickerson


Sarah comes to us from Salem KY and serves as behind the scenes coordinator of worship arts media. Strong and Contemplative, Sarah is a tower of strength to the Elder Board and Ministerial teams. 

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